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From now on, all of our customers will earn free 'Road Miles' on every journey they take with us.

We've made the program very user friendly;

For every 100 miles travelled, you will earn 5 free 'Road Miles'.

These 'Road Miles' will be accumulated on every journey you take and can be used on any future booking with us.

The 'Road Miles' points that you earn can be used on ANY journey, WHENEVER you want.

Your points will not have an expiry date. Therefore if you would like to save up for a longer period of time then you are more than welcome to do so.

Or, you may wish to use your existing 'Road Miles' against your next journey, e.g. your next journey is 150 miles, you have a balance of 25 'Road Miles' saved up, we will deduct these miles meaning you only have 125 miles to pay for, therefore reducing the cost of that journey.

Basically, you choose how to spend your earned 'Road Miles'.

Your 'Road Miles' points balance will be shown on every booking confirmation from now on.

If you have any queries on how our 'Road Miles' loyalty program works, please don't hesitate to get in touch.